Suffrage 125

2018 marks the 125th anniversary of women achieving the right to vote in New Zealand. The Ministry for Women (in conjunction with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Department of Internal Affairs) asked Moxie to create a symbol for this important milestone in our history. The symbol would be a way of drawing attention to the people of diverse cultures that have contributed to improving the lives of New Zealand women, and the relevance of women’s suffrage and gender equality today.

The Suffrage 125 symbol draws on historical colours and icons adopted by women’s suffrage petitioners and presents them in a contemporary form. Violet represented dignity and self-respect and the white camellia was worn by people supporting women’s right to vote in New Zealand. The ‘125’ contains a koru as a link to our distinct New Zealand culture.

The symbol has been designed as a device to bring visual cohesion to the many Suffrage 125 celebratory events and activities planned throughout the year and has been used in a wide range of contexts from the Suffrage 125 pins (designed by Moxie) to pull up banners, event invitations, postcards, posters and web banners.