Two Worlds Paella

The Wellington City Mission recently teamed up with Paul Barris of Paella Boys to produce and sell ready-to-eat Paella meals at local supermarkets & service stations across Wellington and to raise funds for The Mission. The Mission asked Moxie to create a brand and name for this exciting new product and work with them on its launch strategy.


Two Worlds Paella is a premium local fresh product with vegan and and biodegradeable packaging, so the name and brand needed to show its strong ethical positional as well as its gourmet appeal. We came up with the Two Worlds Paella name because it brings together a delicious old-world recipe and our wonderful new world premium fresh produce re-inforced by the strapline “Spanish Rice, Kiwi Goodness”.


Members of our focus groups who tasted the product and tested the brand positioning were right behing the marketing campaign theme — Giving Never Tasted So Good.