To create our new Home Page image, Home Work, Moxie's Design Director, Katie Williams, joined forces with Totaea Rendell to visualise their reaction to this unique Covid19 time and offer a statement of solidarity for all those who have, and continue to, set up shop every day on their dining table, kitchen bench top or, if they're lucky, dedicated home office.


We love Totaea’s work with its bold, clean lines and contemporary, thoughtful and, at times, humourous conceptual thinking. His range of art prints and screen-printed clothing is truly impressive.


Together, Totaea and Katie combined the koru with typography to express the desire for a better future while many of us continue our Home Work. The koru is an age-old symbol for new life, renewal and growth. It also represents peace and tranquillity, and is often used to represent the strength and purity of loving relationships within a family. The double koru represents growing together, something that is of vital importance in difficult times.


Kindness and community support are the best foundations for recovery and growth we can think of. Please feel free to Download and Share this image if it strikes a chord with you.

Home Work




Moxie is for good. We’re for high standards, ethical behaviour, respect, courtesy and good times. We’re fired up by contributing to the greater good so our world can become a kinder, fairer place and one that is sustainable now and for future generations.


So how does one tiny creative agency in a small country at the bottom of the world make a difference? Because we have to. The time is now, and we have skills, commitment and belief that we can be part of the solution. As Anita Roddick famously said, “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!”

  • We work with like-minded others
  • We use our skills as visual communicators to help get key messages to the right audiences
  • We partner with other organisations that are making a difference
  • We take action where we can and how we can (practical hands-on, in kind, financial support and sponsorships, pro-bono)
  • We are working on our alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals and our overall on-going business sustainability.


Sustainable Business Network logo



Designing for good is personal


Good design feels intimate and personal. For us, influence is created without frenetic trumpeting of marketing slogans but by building respect and trust through clever, appropriate, edited-and-curated experiences. High calibre communications are built one quiet, high-quality step at a time. They work because they’re real. Being real, they catch the eye. People nod in agreement.


We intuitively know whether a politician is spinning us or talking from the heart. It’s the same with friends, strangers and business colleagues. Exactly the same with design.


Designing for good is emotive


People make choices every second of the day. Are they always strictly rational? Or, are they strongly influenced by our sub-conscious minds, tribal loyalties and basic instincts? We form relationships with organisations and brands that take us seriously as living, breathing people, share our values and want to be part of our journey.


This response may not be logical or rational, but it is real. It’s emotional, personal and meaningful at a human level.


As culture shifts, what is valued and where we find meaning shifts. The rules of engagement are changing.



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