Electricity Authority 

The Electricity Authority (The Authority) has a wealth of information available to consumers. However, their sphere of operations is a complex one. The Authority wanted to find ways of showing rather than telling the complicated story about the industry they oversee by testing the impact of animation and motion graphics as a way of achieving this. The objectives were to help stakeholders achieve a fuller understanding about their role, purpose and priorities, and the future direction of their work.

The first was a three-minute corporate animation with broad-based appeal that could be used across EA’s channels and which would resonate with their diverse audiences. A survey of industry participants (the primary target audience) gave the animation an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 with 60% saying they better understood EA’s role after viewing. 89% of consumers said they wished for EA to continue to communicate through this medium. Following on from this success, a suite of animations featuring subjects of particular interest for consumers is now in production.