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Suffrage 125 logo

2018 marks the 125th anniversary of women achieving the right to vote in New Zealand. The Ministry for Women (in conjunction with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Department of Internal Affairs) asked Moxie to create a brand for this milestone. The requirement was for a visual identity to bring cohesion to the many celebrations being held around the country throughout the year.


The Suffrage 125 brand needed to resonate with New Zealander’s ethnically diverse audiences, be modern, accessible, strong and future-focused without losing the historical context. It also needed to sit alongside the logos of the many regional and national groups staging events during the year.


In our design, we re-visited historical elements to create a fresh and contemporary design. The white camellia, given as a badge to MPs who supported female suffrage, retains its strength and validity today. Our highly stylised take on the camellia with its three-dimensional feel offers a powerful visual symbol to support conversations about topics applicable to women during the anniversary year and beyond.

Ministry for Women – Infographics and Social Media

Moxie became the preferred design supplier to the Ministry for Women in 2012. In addition to their statutory documents — annual report, SPE and SOI — we have designed a wide range of other publications, information sheets and brochures. However, the team at MFT is always keen to find better ways to communicate with stakeholders and select the right channels and media that will best resonate with them. We worked with the Ministry to create a series of infographic indicators that quickly and effectively told what woment in this country are facing. These have been highly effective were used in many different contexts from their annual reports to confrerence presentations and social media.


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