BATS — Temporary Relocation

Bats was in the difficult situation of having to vacate their iconic theatre at 1 Kent Terrace for 18 months during a refurbishment and strengthening of the building. A major risk was a drop in audience numbers during this time. Moxie was asked to come up with a ‘grabby’ theme that would get attention and publicise the move. Playing on the ‘Bat Out of Hell’ recognition, the Bats Out of Sight campaign successfully made fans aware of the move and maintained box office numbers. The Out of Sight logo was deliberately temporary in its execution to reinforce that this was a short displacement and they would be returning. The spray paint stencil style logo was cheap for the Bats team to replicate in a multitude of ways that included plywood attached to the Kent Terrace scaffolding and spray painted cardboard strategically placed around the inner city.